Monday, January 31, 2011

Hello Monday

We had so much fun this past weekend. The boy had his album release party, which (bragging time now) was written up in BOTH of the weekly papers here in Portland. It was a lot of fun and wonderful to see him perform the songs live for everyone. I sang on most of the songs with him and tried not to stink up the show too much.
Sunday we did a Valentine themed photoshoot for Wanderlust with our friend Anna. It was her first time modeling for us and she did amazing. This is a behind the scenes shot I took with my instax. She has a flower business and just has an wonderful eye for design so she had all sorts of fun ideas for the shoot, which was great. After it was done we were chatting about doing a 'look book' for Wanderlust for Summer 2011. It's something I'm really excited about and I hope her and a couple other friends will be involved in it. I love trying my hand at outfitting and styling...
I have some changes and transitions going on with my regular work right now which is getting me a little stressed out. But I do have an adorable little Valentines photo to share with you and maybe a DIY project too! Don't you love Valentines Day?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Spring Dreaming Two

The dress is from Modcloth, the hat is from Urban Outfitters, the purse is from Anthropologie, and the shoes are from Zappos. I would love to wear this outfit on a perfect 75 degree day, wouldn't you? I need to do some closet purging and maybe then I'll allow myself some new adorableness.
Today I've got so much going on, a few Wanderlust related meetings sprinkled in with my regular work. I'll say goodbye early this week so I can continue to get ready for the boy's album release party Saturday (8pm at Mississippi Pizza!). So happy Thursday and have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gocco Labels

I've said before that my dad is interested in growing vegetables. He calls himself the Crazy Farmer and has really enjoyed having fresh tomatoes in his yard. Last year he mentioned wanting to start canning and when I was thinking about what to give him for his birthday, I thought some canning supplies would be perfect! I got him a book on canning and preserving and then made him these little labels.
I designed them and then, using my Gocco, printed them in orange (shown here) and avocado green. I think he really liked them and I'm hoping to make a more customizable version of them to give to other friends interested in canning. Don't you love giving handmade gifts?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Spring Dreaming

Dress from here and shoes from here.

Pin Collection

My mom comes from some serious horse riding people. She grew up in rural Eastern Washington, was in 4H, the whole thing. My sister and I rode horses when we were younger but since we lived in the suburbs it was harder to be fully immersed in it. Eventually my sister found sports and I found musical theater but I always loved the idea of my mom showing and jumping horses.
When I was at her house for Christmas, she pulled out this stash of pins. Some are hers and some are her mothers. There's 4H and Girl Scout and maybe some other club I'm not familiar with. I think they're so lovely and was really excited when my mom said I could take them home with me. My favorite part is the 'fourth', 'first' and 'fifth' on the sides of the 4H ones. And they're so tiny. Like less than an inch long. I love that I have a new little collection that has personal history since I pick up stuff from the thrift store all the time that I have no connection to other than I like it. It makes this little bundle of pins that much more special.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Dixie Cup Collection

I found these little Dixie cups at a church rummage sale last.... Spring? I love the type and the little floral designs. I'm thinking maybe these were for germinating the seeds? I don't have much of a green thumb so I don't know for sure but that's my best guess. Or maybe they were just for water. I love them, whatever their original use was, and now I use them as little storage containers in our second bedroom.
I've got another cute collection I'm going to share this week too! I'm such a collector and I recently found Lisa Congdon's Collection 2010 blog and am in love and inspired to share some of mine here too!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Christmas Gifts 2011

I was given some very special and thoughtful gifts for Christmas this year. Here's just a few of my favorites.
A vintage bowling bag in perfect condition. Purple, turquoise and pink is one of my favorite color combinations!
A beautiful floral bag from Giant Dwarf which I've used every single day since the boy gave it to me. I love it!
An awesome bird apron with an intricate machine stitched bird on the front. I lvoe this fabric, it's dreamy!
Did you love your holiday gifts this year? What was your favorite?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Wednesday.

I've been doing a lot of cooking, practicing for the boy's album release party, and working. This morning I was looking at these photos we took in Mexico and was thinking about being back there. NO sweaters or socks, just sun and guacamole. Dreamy.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2010- Wanderlust

The biggest project we took on in 2010 was Wanderlust. It's been so much hard work but I've learned a ton and it's been the most rewarding thing I've ever accomplished. My idea from beginning to end, I really have loved every moment even when I've felt like I couldn't handle all the pressure and work. We pushed through and Wanderlust had some awesome moments in 2010.

I came up with the idea for Wanderlust in the Summer of 2009 but during the Summit of Awesome I was so motivated and excited. I filed for our business license the first nite of the conference.

We bought our first trailer, which was ultimately a bust, at the end of June. I loved that guy and we spent a lot of time on it before we had to admit defeat and move on to a trailer that ended up being so much better!

During the Summer, while we were working on the trailer, we launched our website, started doing some super cute photoshoots and ordered buttons, which we started passing around to friends.

We put in so much work on the trailer during July and August. So many decisions and long days. I look at these photos and just remember feeling exhausted but also really excited to get the business going.

At our first event, September 11, 2010 at the Boise Eliot Outdoor Market, was a challenge. I look at my face and I remember just feeling excited that we were finally open for business but also exhausted from all the work we'd put in.

Things started to get easier from there. We reached one of our first goals, to open up at a food cart pod. I can't wait to do more of this in Spring and Summer 2011!

And then, our grand opening party! Our most successful event by that point. We really started to feel like we had the business down at this point. Towing the trailer was getting easier and people were really loving the stuff in our shop.

And finally, our last Wanderlust event of 2010, Crafty Wonderland. It was insane and awesome and I loved it! We had a lot of success and the response was so encouraging.
Thank you for letting me share about my business here. It was such a huge part of 2010 and has become a really big part of my life. I'm so proud of it, and I love looking back on these photos.

Monday, January 17, 2011

This Guy.

I've been busy with so much this month, but one of the most enjoyable things I've been doing is practicing for the boy's album release party happening January 29th here in Portland at Mississippi Pizza. It's going to be so much fun and I love how our little arrangements are turning out.
Now for a little plug: His album is available for FREE on bandcamp now (although the official release date is tomorrow) and I recommend you download it and enjoy the pop-y goodness. I'm so proud of all the work he's put into this project and how wonderful it turned out.

Friday, January 14, 2011

2010 - Travel.

I've decided the easiest way to look back on the year is to put events into sections. We were so busy and did so many wonderful things last year. One of our very favorite things to do is travel and we got to do a lot of that in 2010.
In February we went to Puerto Vallarta for the boy's 33rd birthday. It was probably my favorite trip we took last year, for a lot of reasons. It was my first time in Mexico since, maybe, 1998. We decided on a whim to go when we found cheap tickets online, so it was a bit of a surprise. It was just the boy and I so it was really romantic and wonderful.

At the beginning of the Summer we headed to Eastern Washington for Sasquatch. We got to see Hold Steady put on an awesome show and see a bunch of other great bands too. We slept in the car and stopped at fruit stands on the way home.

In July we took a trip to the boy's old stomping grounds, Minneapolis Minnesota. It was our anniversary weekend but we really went to watch baseball. We saw four games, rode bikes everywhere and ate a jucy lucy.

At the end of the Summer we took the train up to Seattle, stayed at the Panama Hotel and attended the wedding of two of our very favorite people. We were lucky enough to sing at their wedding and this photo, by their wedding photographer Sergio Mottola, captures our happiness that day perfectly.

Since the boy and I knew we'd be away from each other on Christmas day, we decided to do a quick trip down to Ashland for Thanksgiving. We enjoyed delicious food and did some serious thrifting in Southern Oregon. The highlight was staying at the beautiful Peerless Hotel.

And finally, we were lucky enough to go back to Mexico for the week after Christmas and into the new year. We loved Cabo and can't wait to go back! It was the perfect thing to recover from such a busy year and get ready to start a new one.

Thanks for reading about all our trips! I'll be back next week with recaps about Wanderlust and Friends in 2010. Happy Weekend.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thrift Finds

I found some really wonderful things for the shop this week and I just had to share some peeks. I can't wait to get everything cleaned up and ready to sell for our February events.
First, an old train case with initials on the outside. It opens but there's no key. It's definitely been loved but I'm hopeful that it will wash up nicely and find a new home.

We go through kids clothing so quickly and although it's not something I used to look for in thrift stores, now I pick it up whenever I can. Look at that sail boat applique!

And finally, the MOST gorgeous pink and red dress. It's just stunning and in perfect condition. I can't wait to do a photo shoot with one of our Wanderlust models in it (and by models, I mean super nice friends who put a few hours aside and model for us!)

A friend (hi Lorraine!) is visiting from New York this weekend and I'm super excited to do some more thrifting with her on Sunday! I'm sure we'll find some more goodies.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Floral Tights

It's so chilly here and it's actually supposed to snow this week! I need to keep warm and look cute at the same time. I found these ADORABLE floral tights for $5 (maybe less?) at Target. They look awesome with my favorite brown leather maryjanes, right?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Playing Dress Up

We got to do a photoshoot for Wanderlust this weekend, which was so fun! (You can see me trying to art direct while the boy ignores my suggestions and shoots away.) I felt bad because our inventory is pretty depleted right now from Christmas (which is a mixed blessing, because it means we made some money!) but I did what I could and the shots came out great.
I spent a while coming up with my outfit, obviously. I wore a vintage navy blue dress with the cutest pockets, gray cableknit tights from Hue, my mini starlette crown from Giant Dwarf, a vintage Oscar de la Renta scarf and cute new moccasins. I love wearing red lipstick in photos. I'm not sure how it looks in real life, sometimes I feel too 'dressy' when I have it on, but if I have red lipstick on in a photo I instantly think I look good. It's nice to have a 'go-to' like that for photos, especially because we take SO MANY for the shop. Now I try to have red lipstick on every time the boy pulls out the camera.
Alright, so much going on this week. I want to finally do my 2010 recap and I also want to show you my new office! We sold our twin bed, bought some shelves and after some more organizing, I will have the cutest little office for both my day job and Wanderlust related stuff. I can't wait!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Camera Straps

Thank you for the feedback yesterday! I'm working to keep the blog focused and interesting.
This is one of the presents I got the boy for Christmas. A leather camera strap from photojojo. He said it was his favorite gift (although I think the Merge Records book was a close second). We had so much fun opening our gifts a whole week early at our home. The boy got up early, brought me an eggnog latte and put on some carols and we opened our gifts. So relaxing and perfect.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

As I mentioned before, had the chance to make all sorts of goodies for Wanderlust and I was so pleased that we sold quite a few of them! These zipper bags with little appliques and the owl cozy I shared before looked so cute in the shop. Looking at these photos I'm realizing I was really into the orange, yellow and green combo this holiday season. Isn't that funny how you can notice something like that after the fact?
I'm still planning on doing a 2010 recap and I'm coming up with some goals for this blog for the new year. Right now I'm thinking of keeping the focus on handmade and fashion. I really liked sharing my outfits here so I'd like to continue that and then sharing more inspiration and things I make too. What do you think, what would you like to see more (or less) of on this blog?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!

We got back from Mexico at 2am yesterday (well, this morning) and I'm exhausted. SO much fun, SO much drinking and SO much sun.
I can't wait to do a recap of 2010 here on the blog. We had such a wonderful and blessed year and I'm really excited to look back on it and choose my favorite photos.
I hope you all had a wonderful new year and wishing you a super 2011.