Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Playing Dress Up: Halloween


I'm a big fan of Halloween. This year was fairly tame because we've just been so busy but Saturday nite our neighbors had a party and we went as caterers from Party Down which was totally fun and ended with three of us trying to open a coconut with a hammer at 2 in the morning. Whoops!


For Halloween itself, we didn't dress up. Instead I ran errands all day after opening up the Wanderlust online shop. Then we hung around home all nite with a large bowl of candy (I like Reeses peanut butter cups and tootsie pops!) which was pretty much perfect for a 'grown-up' Halloween.


So, although I didn't dress in costume for Halloween, I wore a pumpkin colored skirt with a Fall inspired ensemble. I can't believe it's already November, can you?

Here's what I wore: Hat: H&M / Sweater: Anthropologie (on sale a million and a half years ago) / Necklace: gift / Skirt: thrifted / tights: I have no idea! / Shoes: Walmart

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