Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Shopping on Tour



Don't you love a good brick and mortar shop? We did a lot of browsing and peeking our heads in at different shops on our tour. It was so inspiring! My favorite shops were in Nashville. There were so many great ones, but here are three of my favorites.

The first shop is above, it's called Local Honey. It's in an old bungalow house and I saw some gorgeous dresses there, but the boy was the one who really scored. Their men section was one of the best I've ever seen. The layout was tremendous and the selection was fantastic.



This one was called Hip Zipper and it was the best selection of women's clothes I saw the whole trip. I refrained from going absolutely bonkers and just picked up one dress but I could have bought so much more. There were 3 circle racks of dresses and then a whole wall of shirts, cardigans, skirts and more. They have men's stuff too but I was too enthralled with the women things to take much notice :)


And finally we went to a high-end retail shop called Imogene and Willie and although every single thing was out of our price range, we had fun looking at their displays and dropping our jaw at $270 belts.

I highly recommend checking out any of these shops if you're in the Nashville area! I also had a chance to meet the lovely Kaelah and peek at her Honeybean shop on wheels. We've been emailing about her new business so it was great to see it in person. It was dark so I didn't get any good photos of that!

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