Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Photoshoot Weekend

A couple weeks ago I signed a lease on a studio space. It houses my back stock of vintage clothing, and soon, my sewing machine and some of my sewing supplies. I've been spending a lot of free time painting, unloading clothes and otherwise rearranging (although it's not perfect yet- see above. This weekend I took my friend Jill over there for a photoshoot. We used my studio as a styling/changing room and then walked the three blocks down to the water and shot some great photos.


It was a pretty fun way to spend a Sunday morning. After wards we were starving so we headed over to La Petite Provence for lunch (Jill's only requirement for eating- french onion soup).

Mainly I loved having a spot to go through my backstock of dresses, purses and other accessories and come up with a variety of outfits to shoot. I'm on the search for a more stable table (I currently have a flimsy Ikea version) so I can finally bring my sewing machine down there.

There's something so refreshing about organizing a new space, don't you think?

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