Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I've mentioned before that I'm an unashamed Android phone user. Even though our house is an 'Apple products only' place, Tmobile has been my cell phone carrier for 10 years and I'm just not ready to quit them. Unlimited internet on my phone is a plus too.
Anyway, in a story too unbelievable to tell in detail here, I recently got the MyTouch Slide phone for free. A $500 phone for free. I am awesome.
And what's the first thing I do with this phone? Download the FXCamera app. And although I am sort of against these sort of apps on priciple, being the Lomography/toy/analog camera lover that I am, they sure do make a snap shot look good.
All of a sudden we're not just 'sitting at lunch hungover'. No, no, no. The photos make it look like we jumped out of 1976 and onto your computer screen. We look like cool kids, our photos suddenly look more interesting. Alright, alright- you get the picture (haha! pun!).
This is all my way of telling you I have cute photos to share! Horray!


My only complaint is I keep seeing these cute books and magnets you can instantly create with the Instagram app and that's not available for Androids yet. I would love to create a little book of my cell phone photos but first, I should do one of all the boy's fun Diana mini shots. Just so I'm not a complete sell-out.

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