Monday, October 10, 2011

Do It Yourself: Cute Notebook!

Happy Monday! I'm back with a cute DIY today. I came up with this yesterday and I'm planning on using up some of the contact paper I just can't say no to at estate sales and make a pile of these notebooks to sell at Crafty Wonderland in December. I thought I could share with you how to make one of these yourself in case you've got a large stash of contact paper too!

For this project you'll need moleskin (or other paper covered) notebooks, contact paper, scissors and a cutting mat and rotary cutter if you're picky about your sides being straight. I also brought a pen to make cutting marks but that's optional.

A quick tip on measuring your book, add a quarter inch on all sides. You can trim it off at the end but this allows you some wiggle room when you put the contact paper on your notebook.

I used my rotary cutter and this part went really quickly. Just make sure if your contact paper has an 'up' and 'down' side, that you cut the paper so it will appear right-side up on your notebook.

Pull off the backing of the contact paper slowly and press the notebook cover to it. I found it best to keep the notebook closed when putting the contact paper on. If you lay it flat, it creates a gap on the spine of the notebook. The contact paper pulls off easily so don't be afraid if you mess up, just start over!

And you're done! Now you have an adorable place to put your Fall goals, ideas for Halloween costumes, grocery lists for that pumpkin pie and maybe even (gasp!) your holiday shopping list. Is it too early for that? I never know since I'm one of those people that shops year round for Christmas.

I hope you enjoyed this little rainy day project!