Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tape Candle Covers

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Before I left on my trip I stopped into Target for the big Missoni hoopla. I managed to grab a few things (although most of the housewares were gone, which was what I was really interested in!) Anyway, I also grabbed a couple Fall scented candles. I knew right away that I was going to want to cover up the sticker on the front and so I came home and went to work creating this cute little DIY.


You'll need glass candles, I prefer soy candles because I think you can smell the scent better when they burn. You'll also need colored tape. I had some of the Japanese masking tape (from here or I got mine at the Japanese bookstore) and Shurtape from the craft store.


I use this tape for wrapping gifts, decorating cards and all sorts of other stuff. I highly recommend it! It comes in a ton of colors and patterns and the rolls are pretty big so they last a while.


Line up your tape with the bottom edge of the candle and start wrapping. Go one line at a time. I used the part where the sticker was on the candle as the back and started and ended each line of tape in the middle of that sticker since the tape won't completely cover it. When you're done, just put that back part towards a wall.

With the solid tape, you can wrap it around on top of itself a couple times so it's more opaque or just let it be translucent so light shines through. Make sure to go slowly so you don't get any bubbles or creases in the tape. I also had fun lining up the pattern on the tape as I went around to make a thicker stripe. Mis-match colors and play around. The nice thing about this tape is that it pulls off easily if you make a mistake.


This is a really simple project but I think it's a great way to make something bland super cute. I see doing this is browns and golds and adding them to a Thanksgiving table or blacks and oranges for Halloween.

I always burn more candles around the house in the Fall so I'm excited to try this project on wider or taller candles too!

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