Monday, September 26, 2011

Playing Dress Up: Tour Edition

Well, I'm back from tour! And I'm absolutely exhausted. Our flight landed at 11pm last nite and it was so good to sleep in my own bed. During our trip, we drove around three states, slept in four different beds, in four different locations, saw so many awesome and wonderful things (more on all this to come) but of course, all I want to share today is one of the cute outfits I wore.


I wore this as we walked around Franklin Tennessee during the day and then played a show at a bar called the Bunganut Pig that evening. We stumbled upon an antique shop which, of course, I had to go into. And then we proceeded to take silly photos of ourselves on different pieces of furniture.



I was a little nervous about traveling with the boy (who I travel well with actually) and another person, particularly someone I don't know that well, in a car for 9 days, but it was so much fun! We all have the same sense of humor and wanted to go to similar places during the day when we had time off. It was one of the most fun trips I've ever been on!

What I wore: Dress: vintage (from Montana!)/ Bowtie: vintage (stolen inventory from Wanderlust- ha!)/ Shoes: Mervyns/ Ring: thrifted/ Bag: Show Pony

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