Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Montana Part One

On the first day of our road trip vintage extravaganza we picked up this little plastic piggy bank, named him Bitchez (pronounced 'Bee-shez'), and proceeded to take photos of him in front of a bunch of different places during our trip.
Here's us waiting in line, ready to purchase this little guy. We were in Yakima after staying the night Thursday. We spent the morning doing some 'speed shopping' at the thrifts there before heading on to Butte.
On our way through Spokane we got stuck in a nasty traffic jam and distracted ourselves by taking funny photos of Bitchez.
We arrived in Butte and the next morning got up early to get a start on shopping. We were lucky enough to stay at a friends family's house. It was a great place to come home to and have a glass of wine or two on the porch.
We drove all over the state of Montana stopping in small (and not so small) towns to do shopping. Sometimes we made appointments with people we'd heard had fantastic vintage to sell and other times we just popped into the nearest Salvation Army.
In Billings we stayed a night at this lovely house. A friend of Erins is from Billings and it just so happened that her mom was in Portland visiting while we were in Montana. She offered her beautiful home to us and although it was sort of strange to stay in the home of someone you've never met, it was great to not have to drive back to Butte that night.
And here we are driving back over the Columbia River back into Oregon. It was quite a trip! I discovered that when I'm really exhausted I tend to be overly energetic. I think I'd be rather good at a marathon. It was only when I'd arrived back at my home and was in my pajamas that I was finally able to take a deep breath and go 'I'm ridiculously tired!'
Thanks for reliving my trip with me (and Bitchez!) I have a few more fun photos to share this week too before I'm off on another road trip. September is turning out to be a busy month over here!

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