Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Friday!

What a week, I'm pretty happy this one is coming to an end. Lots of stuff to do as Summer comes to an end and Wanderlust's time on Alberta comes to a close. We'll be there through September but I'll be gone so much next month that I think I'll only be running the shop 3 days in September. The boy and possibly a part time employee will be filling in the rest of the days.


I went to a woman's house this week to do some buying. I really wasn't expecting much but it was maybe the most surreal vintage buying experience I'd ever had. It was like American Pickers. This woman had SO many amazing pieces and I got to sort through the upstairs of her house where it was all organized (by waist size!) and then down to her musty basement to dig through boxes and garbage sacks of items to find some wonderful treasures.


I've been invited back and, honestly, I was sort of heartbroken to part with some things that we just couldn't come to a good deal on. You never know where you're going to come across treasure and this place was a pleasant surprise.

Have a lovely weekend! I'll be running the shop, picking up my car from the mechanics (long story! Any one want to buy a 1994 Honda Accord wagon?) and enjoying my last week of 28. What a wonderful year it's been! I think I'll be back next week with highlights of the last 365 days of my life.

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