Monday, August 22, 2011

28th Year: Trips

One of my favorite parts of the past year has been all the fun trips we went on. Even though I was working hard, I still had time to get away a bit.




The first trip was to Ashland for Thanksgiving, as far south as we could get in our rental car with unlimited mileage. It was such a special trip and we got to stay at the wonderful and darling Peerless Hotel.



The next trip was a family vacation to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. We got to stay in my dad and step mom's condo and enjoy the holidays in 70 degree weather. I can't wait to go back!


In March we headed to the South by Southwest music festival in Austin Texas. We visited with good friends, saw the in-laws and listened to a bunch of great music. It was our third time at the festival and maybe the best! It's awesome to go back year after year as we get to know the city and how the festival works.


Our most recent trip was to Mcminnville for a night to celebrate our anniversary. We ate delicious food, enjoyed each other's company and got to do some wine tasting on our way home.

I love to travel and remembering all the fun adventures I went on in the past year keeps me motivated to keep on traveling. I already have 2 trips scheduled for the Fall and we're hoping to take a BIG trip in February. One of my life goals is to keep exploring and experiencing new things and this year I was lucky enough to continue to do that.

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