Tuesday, August 23, 2011

28th Year: Business Decisions

One of the biggest things that happened in my 28th year was learning how to make business decisions. Learning to trust myself and learning that being scared and stepping out into the unknown is the only way to see success or to fail and try again.

There's no way to make a decision for your business or even in your life and know 100% that it's the right one. This year I found myself staying up until 4 in the morning wondering if the email I'd written said the right thing or the money I'd just committed to spending wasn't going to waste. Sometimes I screwed up. Sometimes I made a big ole' stink about something just to eat my words weeks later. But the important thing is that I was learning.


I have found so much fulfillment from my little business venture (more on that later in the week) and none of that would be possible if I hadn't made some tough decisions. Nothing I chose to do, even if it didn't end up exactly how I pictured it, was end-of-the-world disasterous and I've learned to adjust my expectations and continue moving forward. In the end there have been so many more triumphs than tragedies this year.

Every decision I had to make taught me something and my hope for next year, and beyond, is that I don't repeat my mistakes and that I continue to trust myself enough to take risks.

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