Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fall Fashion 2011






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It's that time again! I always have fun thinking in different color palates as the seasons change. In the Fall I usually tend towards cream, burnt oranges/reds/yellows and, of course, browns. Here are a few things (some vintage, some not) that I'm already getting inspired by.

What about you? Anything you're lusting after for the colder months?

Monday, August 29, 2011

Playing Dress Up: Birthdays!

Eek! The end of the week sort of slipped away from me and I didn't get to do my last '28th Year' post unfortunately. I think I'll try to find some time this month and still post what I was going to. It's good to document these things!


In the meantime today I'm sharing my birthday outfit (different than my birthday suit- ha!). I worked up at Wanderlust all day Saturday and when I came home the adorable dress I was wearing was all sweaty. I had to find another dress for our evening festivities quickly! I've worn this dress a few times but it had this funny bottom piece that made the dress go below my knees. It looked a little dated (even for vintage) but luckily the dress was built in a way that cutting off that bottom piece was easy and voila- I had an adorable mini dress!



The boy planned to have all my friends come over to our house/courtyard for my birthday. He made a cheese plate, bought carrot cake from Pambiche (delicious!) and we drank vodka lemonades and chatted until it was time to head to Rum Club where I ate an amazing wedge salad and drank a few too many cocktails.

It was so fun! So far 29 feels just like 28.

What I wore: Headband: Giant Dwarf/ Dress: vintage (thrifted)/ Belt: vintage/ Camera: Parisian edition Diana (birthday gift from the boy!)/ Sandals: Mervyns/ Flowers: Anna Mara flowers

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Playing Dress Up: New Hair



New Hair

Yesterday, after I finished up my work day, I headed over to Holiday Hair Studio and the ever-talented and amazing Robin cut what she approximated was '6-8 inches' of hair off my head.

Let me just say, I have had my hair short before. Short short, in fact. Like a shaved head. I also had a pixie cut for years. I'm no stranger to short hair. But the fact of the matter is, I've had fairly long hair for about 4 years now. It wasn't a quick process growing it out and I had done something I promised myself I wouldn't. I grew attached to it. About a year ago I started fantasizing about cutting it and I guess it just took me a while to just go for it.

I love it. No regrets, except maybe that I didn't do it sooner.

What I'm wearing: Shirt: H&M/ Belt: thrifted/ Skirt: thrifted/ Sandals: Mervyns ($13!)

I'll be back tomorrow with my final '28th Year' post!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

28th Year: Friends

This year I really came to value my friendships. I've had several really good friends move across the country in the past 14 months and it's been really difficult, maybe more than I can put into words, to put time into a friendship only to see it sort of disappear as distance creates so much difficulty. Each friend has had to move away for good reasons but it's still so hard to see a friend leave. The friendships I have been able to keep and cultivate this year have been invaluable.


I haven't always known how to be a friend. In all honestly, while I was a teenager, I was probably a rather crappy friend to a lot of people. I didn't understand how important it is to listen to your friends, and be there for your friends. And understand that everyone screws up or doesn't have time that week for you but in the end a friendship is just like a romantic relationship in a lot of ways. It's a marathon, not a sprint. Forgive your friends the small things and they'll forgive you the inevitable annoyances you cause them. I like to think that many of the friendships I've developed this year will be life long.

As we get older I realize that successful friendships give my life so much fulfillment. When something exciting happens, I can't wait to share it with them and when they've had a bad day and need someone to drink a bottle of wine with, I'm happy to be there.



Today I read this lovely piece on Hello Giggles by Sarah Sophie Flicker and Karen Elson. They really hit the nail on the head. My friendships make me a better partner to my husband and I long to have the sort of solid and forever friendship these two have.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

28th Year: Business Decisions

One of the biggest things that happened in my 28th year was learning how to make business decisions. Learning to trust myself and learning that being scared and stepping out into the unknown is the only way to see success or to fail and try again.

There's no way to make a decision for your business or even in your life and know 100% that it's the right one. This year I found myself staying up until 4 in the morning wondering if the email I'd written said the right thing or the money I'd just committed to spending wasn't going to waste. Sometimes I screwed up. Sometimes I made a big ole' stink about something just to eat my words weeks later. But the important thing is that I was learning.


I have found so much fulfillment from my little business venture (more on that later in the week) and none of that would be possible if I hadn't made some tough decisions. Nothing I chose to do, even if it didn't end up exactly how I pictured it, was end-of-the-world disasterous and I've learned to adjust my expectations and continue moving forward. In the end there have been so many more triumphs than tragedies this year.

Every decision I had to make taught me something and my hope for next year, and beyond, is that I don't repeat my mistakes and that I continue to trust myself enough to take risks.

Monday, August 22, 2011

28th Year: Trips

One of my favorite parts of the past year has been all the fun trips we went on. Even though I was working hard, I still had time to get away a bit.




The first trip was to Ashland for Thanksgiving, as far south as we could get in our rental car with unlimited mileage. It was such a special trip and we got to stay at the wonderful and darling Peerless Hotel.



The next trip was a family vacation to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. We got to stay in my dad and step mom's condo and enjoy the holidays in 70 degree weather. I can't wait to go back!


In March we headed to the South by Southwest music festival in Austin Texas. We visited with good friends, saw the in-laws and listened to a bunch of great music. It was our third time at the festival and maybe the best! It's awesome to go back year after year as we get to know the city and how the festival works.


Our most recent trip was to Mcminnville for a night to celebrate our anniversary. We ate delicious food, enjoyed each other's company and got to do some wine tasting on our way home.

I love to travel and remembering all the fun adventures I went on in the past year keeps me motivated to keep on traveling. I already have 2 trips scheduled for the Fall and we're hoping to take a BIG trip in February. One of my life goals is to keep exploring and experiencing new things and this year I was lucky enough to continue to do that.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Playing Dress Up

On Friday the boy and I went down to Bunk Bar and saw Richard Buckner play. It was so much fun but I may have drank one too many frozen margarita slushies.

Anyway, this is what I wore:


Apologies for the sassy pose- a lot of these photos came out fuzzy for some reason so I had to use what I could!

I wore: Dress: thrifted/ Shirt: H&M/ Watch: from the boy's grandpa's basement/ Purse: thrifted/ Shoes: Minnetonka

I also wore my new favorite purse. This guy was in the shop for a while but when it didn't sell after a couple weeks, I had to bring it home. The tiger on the zipper pull is my favorite!

This week I'll be sharing some awesome memories of the past year as I say 'goodbye' to 28. I'm looking forward to picking out photos and writing about how special my 28th year was. It's amazing to me that I accomplished so many things this year and it makes me really excited for 29! There's still so much I want to do!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Friday!

What a week, I'm pretty happy this one is coming to an end. Lots of stuff to do as Summer comes to an end and Wanderlust's time on Alberta comes to a close. We'll be there through September but I'll be gone so much next month that I think I'll only be running the shop 3 days in September. The boy and possibly a part time employee will be filling in the rest of the days.


I went to a woman's house this week to do some buying. I really wasn't expecting much but it was maybe the most surreal vintage buying experience I'd ever had. It was like American Pickers. This woman had SO many amazing pieces and I got to sort through the upstairs of her house where it was all organized (by waist size!) and then down to her musty basement to dig through boxes and garbage sacks of items to find some wonderful treasures.


I've been invited back and, honestly, I was sort of heartbroken to part with some things that we just couldn't come to a good deal on. You never know where you're going to come across treasure and this place was a pleasant surprise.

Have a lovely weekend! I'll be running the shop, picking up my car from the mechanics (long story! Any one want to buy a 1994 Honda Accord wagon?) and enjoying my last week of 28. What a wonderful year it's been! I think I'll be back next week with highlights of the last 365 days of my life.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cute Portland Shops- I'm Yet to Visit.

I really need to get my (local) shopping on! There are a couple shops here in town that I'm dying to visit!

The first is Alder & Co. They carry homewares and everyday-goods, a clean and fantastic inventory. I'm dying to check it out!

The second new boutique I can't wait to see is Eden. This shop is by the ladies that own Flutter (a classic Portland favorite!). It seems somewhat influenced by the Biba stores, which is awesome!

Which shops are you dying to check out?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Vintage River Trip


We got another trip to the river in Friday. The boy and I headed out early and our friends Jill and Brandon joined us a couple hours later. I used my new-to-me cooler and we brought along our transistor radio and metal beach chair to complete the look. It's always fun to me when I bring along vintage accessories like this on journeys. Just like using vintage floral suitcases or old cameras.

I hope your weekend was lovely. I have a busybusybusy week ahead of me so I should get to it. I'll try to pop in here again before Friday!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Playing Dress Up: Summertime


It's been a bit since I've shared an outfit on here but I was so excited about this get up, I thought it was the perfect time to bring back the 'Playing Dress Up' posts. My dear friend Julia (Hi Julia!) took these photos for me. I found this dress at an estate sale in June and debated selling it, but in the end the darling pink color and fantastic flowers won me over. I also love that I can wear it as a shift for a more casual look or belted like I have it here to make me feel less frumpy. This is a pretty typical 'Summer' look for me, just a dress and some accessories to pull it together. I try to take full advantage of being able to wear outfits like this in Portland as it's only a couple months a year that I can.



Outfit Details: Headband: Modcloth (free with purchase!)/ Necklace: Naughty Secretary Club (free gift bag swag from SXSW)/ Dress: Vintage/ Belt: Vintage/ Sandals: Aerosoles

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Instax- Anniversary!

I guess I'm on an Instax kick this week, as I have some cute ones from our anniversary weekend that I never shared.





Summertime really is the perfect time to use instant cameras, the light is really great and I tend to be out exploring and having Instax-worthy adventures.

Today I'm working and getting excited to see The Shins tonite at the Doug Fir (A favorite Portland venue, just blocks from our house). One of my all-time favorite musicians, Richard Swift, is now in their touring band so I am EXTRA super excited for this show.

I also have a super fun project in mind that I'm brainstorming for (can't share details quite yet) and it's the Alberta Street Fair this weekend so the shop should be busy. August is looking like a lot of fun right now!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Instax on the Bridge

This weekend we went to Brunch on a Bridge, an annual event where they close the Hawthorne Bridge, put grass down and let you eat lunch and hang out. There was a mimosa bar, lawn games and some food carts too. We mainly laid about on the grass and people watched.

Brunch on the Bridge Instax

Here are a few Instax photos we took while we were there. I want to go back next year with a huge picnic lunch and a big group of friends. It was a fantastic Summer activity that could only happen in Portland.

Monday, August 8, 2011




Sofa search. Here are a few that I like but I'm still looking. I'd love to get a used one, so we'll see how patient I can be. These would all go with our new chair which is great. I love the tufted velvet look with ornate wooden feet. I've also been searching craigslist but the right thing hasn't popped up yet.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy Friday!

I started this overcast Friday morning off right with a trip to an estate sale about 20 minutes from my house. I scored some really special things for the shop and a couple things for myself too.

Photo on 2011-08-05 at 14.00

This 1960's Saks Fifth Avenue coat, which I'm actually still on fence about. I'm still not sure if it'll end up in the shop or in my closet.

2011-08-05 09.32.17

And then this kick ass chair, which was a STEAL. It's going in our storage space for now while we figure out what we're doing with our living room but I think the colors of this chair will really inform the new colors for our downstairs.

Not bad for a Friday morning! I said no to a few things I'm regretting but I'll get over it. Estate sales are so fun and every time I have a good experience, like today, it makes me anxious to go to more!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tomato Salad



I was excited to do something delicious with these heirloom mini tomatoes I got at Trader Joes. I cooked up some quinoa, seasoned it and added a bit of olive oil. I washed and cut up the tomatoes and added those along with some crumbled goat cheese. The boy and I took it out to the park and had a light dinner while we read and enjoyed the beautiful weather we've been having.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Parisian Prints

I found these two prints at a thrift store the other day and fell in love. They show the Eiffel tower and the Arc De Triomphe in cute little scenes.


The boy and I just saw Midnight in Paris (and loved it) so these seemed to be the perfect little find! They were only $10 a piece and even the dinged up frames seem to add character.


I moved some other prints around in our home and now we have this cute little nook with a bunch of different prints. Each of them is special to us in some way. I still have a long way to go to get our living room where we want it but unfortunately I don't think I'll have time for the complete makeover I'm dreaming of until October. Little updates like this will have to hold me over until then.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Food Cart Dinner

The boy and I stopped by a food cart pod last week for dinner. We had some super delicious thai food and then the boy had mango and sticky rice for dessert while I went for the homemade fudgesicle.




Excuse the face. It was delicious.