Tuesday, July 12, 2011

DIY: Metal Shell Chairs

Remember these chairs?


I can hardly believe the difference some spray paint can make!


I started out by getting some steel wool and doing my best to scrub down where any paint was flaking off (I wasn't completely successful in this, but I did a good enough job). Then I took a Rustoleum primer spray paint and sprayed a heavy layer on both the chairs.

Half way point

Originally I thought they'd be cream colored so I did a couple layers of cream colored spray paint but when I wasn't getting the coverage I wanted, I grabbed some bright lollipop insipired colors and went with that instead. I still want to do another layer or two of the green, but they look 'good enough' for now. It's so satisfying to look at the before and after shots! Before they were garbage and now they look adorable (and comfy) in front of the shop.

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