Monday, June 27, 2011

Bubble Tea



I had bubble tea for the first time this past March, when we came up to Alberta to look at the new space for Wanderlust. I hate tapioca so I always choose fruit jellies, which it seems everyone else hates! They remind me of gummy bears. YUM.


The boy brought me bubble tea this weekend at the end of a long day at the shop. I worked all day Saturday prepping and sanding these metal chairs my step mom gave me. One of them is looking pretty good now but the other needs a couple more layers of paint. I'll be sure to share an 'after' shot when I'm done.

This week is super busy with work stuff, My Morning Jacket (tomorrow nite at the Edgefield!) and Last Thursday on Alberta. Tonite we're headed to a late happy hour with some friends at our local pizza joint. Delicious.

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