Thursday, May 26, 2011

Playing Dress Up

Two outfit posts in two days? YES. I had to come up with a cute outfit today to combat my sadness over the weather. This Spring is the ultimate tease. It cycles between 2 or 3 days of awesome 70 degree weather and then 5 days of rain. I'm not complaining exactly- at least we're getting the nice weather occasionally- but it sure makes it hard to plan an outfit.

Here's my outfit details: Dress: Anthropologie (on sale about 3 years ago)/ Cardigan: Target/ Belt: picked it up in a clothing exchange about 10 years ago/ Tights: Target/ Shoes: Nordstrom

Do you find it difficult to dress for Spring weather? I just end up throwing a cardigan and tights on with everything! I'm already stock piling my Summer dresses, preparing for the 3 months I'll actually get to wear them bare legged and with no cover up necessary.


Jaydubs said...

Aw, I just purchased (and wore) that Target cardigan earlier this week! Your styling is far superior, though; I really need to step up my game.

Antelope Baby Industries said...

Awesome! Was yours on super sale? I got this one for $6! I'm all about mixing patterns right now.

Jaydubs said...

Yep, got it (and a pink and white striped one) for $6 apiece. Gotta love the crazy-cheap Target clearance. :)