Sunday, May 8, 2011

Playing Dress Up

I wore this outfit last week and someone asked me if I dyed my hair to match my shirt. Um, no. Anyway, I wore this out to meet some friends for a little bit of outdoor beer drinking, which is always a sign that Summer is just around the corner. We went to a place that has 'lady's night' and so the girls drinks were .50 cents off. So funny! There were two packed tables of women next to us, drinking their Cosmos and complaining about work. I'm not sure I completely understand the theory behind a 'lady's night'. Are we supposed to get drunk and then be easier to pick up? If so, uh, that's gross. And where are the 'dude's nights'? Amiright?

Alright, enough of that. Here's what I wore: Headband: Giant Dwarf mini starlette crown/ Top: H&M/ Pants: cropped skinny jeans from Anthropologie

And the adorable Ms. B makes another appearance. She's trying very hard not to attack my hand, but it's so hard for her. She's 10 years old and she still acts like a kitten.

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