Monday, May 2, 2011

Playing Dress Up

We had a gorgeous weekend here in Portland. Both days were sunny and Sunday the temperature rose to over 70 degrees (which is practically like Summer here). I wore this outfit Saturday, to run the shop all day and then to the boy's DJ set that nite. I had an hair dying mistake Friday nite, which lead to only the front part of my head being the color I had intended. I had to wear this Rosie the Riveter type scarf to keep it looking normal. It ended up looking so cute, I think I'll be trying this look more often, but without the hair dying fiasco mixed in.

The outfit details: Scarf: vintage Oscar de la Renta/ Shirt and Cardigan: Forever 21/ Skirt: Anthropologie/ Knee socks and Shoes: Target

All in all, it was a lovely weekend. Sunday was a much slower day at the shop, so I really just enjoyed the sun until some friends showed up at the end of the day and we got drinks at a bar next door with a big outdoor patio. I also picked up some more hair dye, so cross your fingers I have better luck tonite and my hair will be all one color again!

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