Monday, May 16, 2011

New Zipper Bags

I wanted to make some Springy zipper bags for the shop, and when I found this vintage linen inspired fabric at Fabric Depot, I knew it was the perfect print for what I had in mind.

I bought some trim for a Wanderlust photoshoot that never ended up happening, so I just added that to these little bags.

It's always fun to make stuff to sell in Wanderlust because I get to the do the cute little hang tags too. For these, I took vintage wrapping paper and sewed them to a shipping tag and then stamped on the back side.

All but one of them sold last weekend (mainly to family!) so I may need to make a trip to the fabric shop and whip out some more. After the weekend we had, Monday is hitting me particularly hard. I'm just trying to recover from three crazy busy days and get back on track with some work from the end of last week.

We had a super fun time on our road trip with the shop and I'm going to recap it all on the Wanderlust website in the next couple days, so check there if you're interested!

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