Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sunglass Bling Tutorial

I've been wanting to put this tutorial up on the blog forever so last nite I finally got all my supplies together and just went for it. These are really simple instructions to bling out your sunglasses, but you could apply it to all sorts of stuff (phones, cameras, watches or even a purse if it was made with a stiff material).

- Aileen's tacky glue or any type of glue that dries clear
- 3mm round rhinestones in the color of your choice
- An old pair of sunglasses (I got these last winter at Old Navy on clearance for .99 cents)
- 2 small wooden dowels (or q-tips with the cotton tip ripped off)
- A surface you don't mind getting glue on (like cardboard or cardstock).

Squeeze some glue onto your surface (I was using cream cardstock). Empty out the rhinestones onto your surface next to the glue pile. Take one dowel and dip it into the glue, being careful not to get too much glue on it. Take the glued-up dowel and find a rhinestone in your pile with the back side facing up, dab the glue on and the rhinestone will attach. With your clean fingers, carefully take the rhinestone off the dowel and place it onto the rim of the sunglasses. Use the second dowel to press down on the rhinestone to make sure it stays. Repeat, going all the way around the glasses, using your the second dowel to keep the rhinestones straight.

This project will take a couple hours, I put on a movie from Netflix instant and the time flew by. By the time you're done the glue will be mostly dry and you'll be able to wear your blinged-out sunglasses within the hour.

I can't wait to try this with pink rhinestones or on my old heart shaped sunglasses. I love the look of these so much and it's a perfect way to reuse something you've got around the house. Next time you get the itch to go buy a new pair of sunglasses, just try this out on some you already have. You'll instantly feel like you've got brand new pair!

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