Monday, April 18, 2011

Craft at SXSW

I was looking through some photos today on my computer and realized I never shared the cute crafty things we saw in Austin. One of the day shows we went to also had a little craft show happening next door. We went to the bar, picked up our complimentary vodka soaked Arnold Palmer slushies and then headed to the craft show to browse while we waited for Sleeping Bag to play. Two of my very favorite things combined- crafts and music! And drinking (wait- that's three). Anyway, here are a couple super special things I didn't pick up but loved from afar.

I also had a chance to chat with the lady running the Sublime Stitching booth. She'd lived in Seattle for a while so we talked about our old hood as I lusted after the too cute scissors they had on display.

And the boy earned some points for patiently browsing with me. Maybe it was those slushies that kept him happy or the Texas sun. Whatever it was, this was probably my favorite day show we went to all weekend.

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