Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Sunday SUNDAY!

I'm really glad we didn't spend the whole weekend in Seattle. It was nice to get back home yesterday afternoon, relax a bit and then have today to get a bunch of stuff done.
I took some photos of vintage cameras we're going to be selling at Wanderlust to share on the website this week. Here's some of them in their cases, which desperately need to be cleaned before I can put them in the shop! I love old cameras and I think they go nicely with the spirit of Wanderlust. I've been holding on to some of these until we had enough to put a little collection together for display, I hope people think they're as cool as I do.

We're off to a business meeting and then hopefully we'll get to relax, I might mend some dresses and get ready for the upcoming week. Sundays always feel like the best day to really get some stuff done during the day and then chill and do nothing all nite.

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Jill Aki said...

i love this! i think this is so so so sweet.