Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Instant Camera Collection

I don't quite have all of the boy's birthday photos together today so instead I thought I'd share my collection of instant cameras. This is part of a larger collection of vintage cameras we have around the house. Most of them are from the husband's grandfather who seemed to collect and keep practically everything! When he passed away, a large box of cameras were sent to us and I'd love to photograph all of those eventually.

Back to instant cameras. Only one of these, the SX-70 land camera, is from the grandpa collection. The Sun 600 isn't that pretty but it's the one we used at our wedding so it'll always be special. The other land camera with the rainbow (my favorite) was just a lucky thrift find and the Fuji Instax was my birthday gift last year. I love instant cameras, specifically Polaroids so much. I thought I had a newer Polaroid model from maybe 2000 somewhere but I can't find it...I think it might have been lost in a move unfortunately.
For my Polaroids, I occasionally splurge on film from the impossible project and thank god, they're still making film for the instax.
I'm so excited to continue sharing my collections here. (See first and second collections.)

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