Monday, February 21, 2011

Good Finds.

I've had some luck at estate sales recently. A lot of the stuff I keep for Wanderlust but some stuff I just have to save for me. Here are some things I've picked up the past couple weekends that will be staying with us.
A gorgeous 1955 Holiday magazine. The ads, the typography. I'm sort of in love with every page and I wish I'd found more! I can't wait to scan some of the really great pages and share that soon!

This sequin face mask is awesome. Last weekend I went to the estate of a women who owned a children's dance studio in Hillsboro. I had to refrain from buying 60's and 70's tutus and costumes so I picked up this little mask as a consolation.

Sparkle rick rack! I pick this up anytime I find it for a good price. I've got quite a stash going right now and I love the packaging and different colors.

I didn't start going to estate sales until I moved to Portland. I just never really heard about them in Seattle and didn't have a car to drive out to the good ones anyway. It's become my favorite way to find vintage items for a lot of reasons. Usually stuff is in way better condition than at a thrift store because someone actually kept these items and took care of them. You can also find multiples or sets of things like napkins, glasses or even a dress with the matching coat easily. And finally the prices are usually a lot better than your average thrift store. Go on Sundays and usually everything under $50 is half off.

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julia said...

i love that the mask is cat eye!