Monday, January 10, 2011

Playing Dress Up

We got to do a photoshoot for Wanderlust this weekend, which was so fun! (You can see me trying to art direct while the boy ignores my suggestions and shoots away.) I felt bad because our inventory is pretty depleted right now from Christmas (which is a mixed blessing, because it means we made some money!) but I did what I could and the shots came out great.
I spent a while coming up with my outfit, obviously. I wore a vintage navy blue dress with the cutest pockets, gray cableknit tights from Hue, my mini starlette crown from Giant Dwarf, a vintage Oscar de la Renta scarf and cute new moccasins. I love wearing red lipstick in photos. I'm not sure how it looks in real life, sometimes I feel too 'dressy' when I have it on, but if I have red lipstick on in a photo I instantly think I look good. It's nice to have a 'go-to' like that for photos, especially because we take SO MANY for the shop. Now I try to have red lipstick on every time the boy pulls out the camera.
Alright, so much going on this week. I want to finally do my 2010 recap and I also want to show you my new office! We sold our twin bed, bought some shelves and after some more organizing, I will have the cutest little office for both my day job and Wanderlust related stuff. I can't wait!

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