Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pin Collection

My mom comes from some serious horse riding people. She grew up in rural Eastern Washington, was in 4H, the whole thing. My sister and I rode horses when we were younger but since we lived in the suburbs it was harder to be fully immersed in it. Eventually my sister found sports and I found musical theater but I always loved the idea of my mom showing and jumping horses.
When I was at her house for Christmas, she pulled out this stash of pins. Some are hers and some are her mothers. There's 4H and Girl Scout and maybe some other club I'm not familiar with. I think they're so lovely and was really excited when my mom said I could take them home with me. My favorite part is the 'fourth', 'first' and 'fifth' on the sides of the 4H ones. And they're so tiny. Like less than an inch long. I love that I have a new little collection that has personal history since I pick up stuff from the thrift store all the time that I have no connection to other than I like it. It makes this little bundle of pins that much more special.

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