Friday, January 14, 2011

2010 - Travel.

I've decided the easiest way to look back on the year is to put events into sections. We were so busy and did so many wonderful things last year. One of our very favorite things to do is travel and we got to do a lot of that in 2010.
In February we went to Puerto Vallarta for the boy's 33rd birthday. It was probably my favorite trip we took last year, for a lot of reasons. It was my first time in Mexico since, maybe, 1998. We decided on a whim to go when we found cheap tickets online, so it was a bit of a surprise. It was just the boy and I so it was really romantic and wonderful.

At the beginning of the Summer we headed to Eastern Washington for Sasquatch. We got to see Hold Steady put on an awesome show and see a bunch of other great bands too. We slept in the car and stopped at fruit stands on the way home.

In July we took a trip to the boy's old stomping grounds, Minneapolis Minnesota. It was our anniversary weekend but we really went to watch baseball. We saw four games, rode bikes everywhere and ate a jucy lucy.

At the end of the Summer we took the train up to Seattle, stayed at the Panama Hotel and attended the wedding of two of our very favorite people. We were lucky enough to sing at their wedding and this photo, by their wedding photographer Sergio Mottola, captures our happiness that day perfectly.

Since the boy and I knew we'd be away from each other on Christmas day, we decided to do a quick trip down to Ashland for Thanksgiving. We enjoyed delicious food and did some serious thrifting in Southern Oregon. The highlight was staying at the beautiful Peerless Hotel.

And finally, we were lucky enough to go back to Mexico for the week after Christmas and into the new year. We loved Cabo and can't wait to go back! It was the perfect thing to recover from such a busy year and get ready to start a new one.

Thanks for reading about all our trips! I'll be back next week with recaps about Wanderlust and Friends in 2010. Happy Weekend.

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