Thursday, December 9, 2010

A State Without a Hero

Lately, there are so many things going on it's hard to keep my thoughts and feelings clear. My fingers are sore from cutting and sewing and ironing. My house is in absolute shambles. Life has thrown a bunch of curve balls at me lately and I'm trying my best to just muscle through.
One thing I can say, I'm so completely excited for my vacation at the end of this month and then all the fun things we have planned in 2011. A lot of them are Wanderlust centric and I think I'll need some balance from that too so I'm trying to find a way to do that. I have a tendency to become so obsessive about projects and learning to step away from the computer or the sewing machine or the trailer, as the case may be, will be good for me.
Anyway, I'll be at Crafty Wonderland this Saturday and Sunday from 11am-5pm at the Oregon Convention Center. It should be a crazy good time, lots of fun locals and out-of-towners will be there and I'm looking forward to meeting new friends and selling lots too!

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Erika Lee Sears said...

Good luck at Craft Wonderland- I wish I could go and shop. :)