Sunday, December 19, 2010

Last Minute Gift

I thought I'd post a cute last minute gift idea. If you're a knitter, then you can make this in the evening after work and gift it to your favorite coffee lover the next day! The color combos are endless, I made this one with a sort of folky holiday vibe in mind.

You'll need:
- Half a skein of your favorite medium weight yarn, I used brown cotton.
- 1 1/2 yards of a super textured fabric in a coordinating color, I used a red multi color heavier yarn I had lying around.
- Size 6 needles
- Yarn darning needles (I use the Colver Chibi ones)
- Scissors

- Cast on 24 stitches of the main yarn color.
- Knit 2, Purl 2 until your piece measures 9 inches and cast off.
- To create the yarn stripes, thread your darning needle with the textured yarn and sew it length wise into the 4 middle crevices. To sew, just grab one loop in the crevice and thread the yarn through it, then grab another one 1 inch away and pull the yarn through. Continue along the length, being careful not to pull the loops out too much.
- I sewed the first 2 crevices, tied the ends together and then stitched the next 2 and tied those ends together. When you tie it off, make sure to leave a little room so the yarn will stretch with the cozy.
- You can also just sew the cozy in a favorite color and leave out the coordinating yarn stripes.
- Stitch the ends of the main yarn piece together and voila! You have a cute little cozy.

I hope you try this out if you're a knitter! This weekend the boy and I opened our Christmas gifts (since we're going to be apart for Christmas) and did some major laundry in preparation for our upcoming trips. I've never flown around Christmas, so I'm not sure what to expect! Mayhem? I'm glad to have an ipad and plenty of books and magazines to keep me occupied.

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