Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mini-Home Tour

I've been wanting to share some photos of our home for a while but it's been hard to get everything set up (you know- 'staged') and have nice lighting and then remember to take photos. SO, I'll start with a few photos of our second bedroom. This is all the 'guest room' side of the second room in our house, the other side is computers and Wanderlust inventory which isn't very exciting or pretty.

We found this bed frame at Goodwill for $25 and then bought an Ikea mattress for $90- Not a bad deal and when we don't have guests, we like to cuddle on this bed and watch movies on my computer.

This is a little collection of polaroids and photo booth photos through the years. The polaroids in the middle are my favorite- the one on the left is from 2 months before we married and the one on the right was taken the week we met.

This is a peak at some of our CD and book madness as well as our modest gocco stash (RIP). On the left is a very cool 1960s era Singer sewing machine I found on the street in Seattle.

When we decided change up how we store our CDs, I decided to turn our $50 Ikea CD shelf into the perfect fabric organizer. I can see all the colors, prints and materials at a glance which is awesome.
I'm busy all week preparing for Wanderlust's grand opening party happening Saturday! I hope any local blog readers/friends will stop by the Waterheater between 1 and 6pm for a cupcake and some nice indoor shopping!

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