Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cute Coozies for your Electronics

It feels good to be making some 'crafts' again! Don't get me wrong, searching for vintage goodies and scouring Etsy for wholesalers has been a blast but I love making stuff. Last week this idea popped into my head and I became a bit obsessed. I HAD to make these, even if I didn't really have the time to.
Anyway, here are my prototypes. They fit point and shoot digital cameras and your average smart phone nicely. They'd even make a great holder for my little flip cam.
Most of the stitching is hand done on these guys so I'm planning on taking them on our trip this weekend and making some more. I expect there will be a few for sale at Splendorcraft and Crafty Wonderland!
Have a lovely Thanksgiving weekend everyone. I'll be back next week with photos from our getaway.

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