Monday, October 11, 2010

Playing Dress Up

Shirt: gift from my step-mom, Skirt: Anthropologie ages ago, headband: Giant Dwarf , Shoes: Toms

Speaking of fashion- I finally went to the Gap and bought those skinny cords that have been making the rounds on a lot of blogs I read. They fit as nicely as people were saying and I can't wait to wear them with my black knee high boots. CUTE.

We had a busy weekend with Wanderlust and a surprise (but welcome!) visit from my in-laws. We're also trying to get our holiday plans in order which is always a task. I believe that if you give love and quality time to your family year-round, it shouldn't matter if you spend one day together- but not everyone shares that view. I've learned it's best to just be patient and try to work with everyone elses schedules. Although I already know that the plans the boy and I are making for Thanksgiving is going to leave a frown on a few people's faces. But hey- we're trying to make our own memories too, that's part of what marrying someone is about. Have you started making your holiday plans already?

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