Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

We had so much fun last nite! Our costumes were hits and the party we attended was awesome. A candy bar, 'make your own drink' table and a delicious spread of food (that I unfortunately did not get a photo of). Every detail was just beautiful and we had our fill of everything, including the dance party in the basement complete with a mini-pumpkin and candle display. It's so inspiring to have friends who put so much care into stuff like this.
Tonite we laid low, drank spiked hot apple cider and watched part of 'Pumpkinhead'. We had a few trick-or-treaters and ate too much candy!
I'll be back tomorrow to share some of my awesome finds from the antique sale this weekend.


Anna said...

Awesome costumes you guys!! Thanks for coming, was such a great time!!

Jill Aki said...

pumpkinhead = THIS!!!!!!!