Friday, September 3, 2010

I've been working so hard on this little project and it finally feels like it's coming together. I can share these 'unofficial' cell phone photos here but we've got some great photos of our progress that the boy took which we'll be adding to our website soon.
We were hoping to do a very soft launch tomorrow at a farmer's market here in town but unfortunately our insurance situation isn't figured out yet (through no fault of ours- getting an insurance agent to call you back is apparently the hardest thing in the world) and so it will, in all likely hood, be next weekend.
This project has taught me so much. Not only about owning a business but also about my endurance and patience when it comes to bringing ideas to life. I think that's a big reason I want to do this, not just to own a cute little shop but also to see what I'm capable of. It's meant so much sacrifice and dropping the ball on other projects but my family and friends have been super supportive and a great cheering section which is awesome! I can't wait to officially open and share everything!

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Jessica said...

that is a fine looking store on wheels.