Friday, August 27, 2010

Sunshine Day

The next couple days are going to be so magical.
We're taking the train to Seattle tonite and I'm loading us up with a delicious cheese platter and special drinks to pass the time. Since it's my birthday, the boy has a gift he's saving for me to open when we get on the train. I can't wait to see what it is!
Tomorrow I have a bit of time scheduled with a wonderful friend for manicures and then we're going to see two people we totally love get married. We've been practicing a song they asked us to sing at the ceremony diligently and I hope my nerves don't get the best of me. We're so honored that they want to include us in the festivities on their day!
This is the gift we're bringing up to them, I used wallpaper I found last week at that estate sale for the wrapping and then velvet ribbon I found at a thrift store for the bow, and they match perfectly. I can't give anymore away in case the bride reads this before tomorrow but I think they'll love their gift.
I hope your weekend is lovely too!

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