Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Shower

Please excuse my unintended absence. I've been dealing with some not-so-fun stuff the past few days but I'm ready to look forward and move on. My friend's shower was just lovely. We put huge dahlia's bought at the market into glass jars, decorated the cakes (yes, cakes. plural.) with fabric pendants and made these amazing wish balls (which will have a post all of their own) as favors for everyone. My co-organizer did all the food, which was delicious. Sandwiches, a huge cheese plate, caprese and fruit salads.

We had a wonderful time celebrating our really amazing friend. AND I think she really enjoyed herself.
I took these polaroids with the Impossible Project's color film. I'm definitely still learning how I'm supposed to use it. All the photos turned out fairly dark but it's still exciting to just be able to use my polaroid camera. I heard about this thing, which just makes me wonder why polaroid didn't continue to make the 600 film so people can use the cameras they already own and love.

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