Monday, August 23, 2010

Pyrex Organization

I finally accomplished something I've been wanting to do for over two years and it feels awesome! I have a bit of an obsession with pyrex and milk glass. Right before we moved into our condo, I found this hutch at a goodwill and snapped it up thinking how great my collection would look in it. When we moved into our place, I haphazardly threw in my collection and shut the doors. When I'd find a new piece I'd shove it in there and hope nothing came crashing down.

Now, it's finally organized into color (something I was really itching to do) and although it isn't completely perfect, I'm really happy with it and I'm glad to have a foundation to keep building on. Oh and that green dots bowl? I found it at an estate sale for $4.50 this weekend! That baby goes for over $40 on ebay. Yay!


LittleMissCupcakes said...

I love love your collection! It reminds me of my mom's pyrex. I am so jealous!!!!

Antelope Baby Industries said...

Thanks! It's taken me quite a while to collect all of these.