Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Lunchbox

Lately it seems like there's a bad case of the 'back to schools' on the internets. Cute posts here and here can attest to that.

With that in mind, I'm inspired to show off a recent find of the quintessential back to school item, the lunch box. I can remember clearly transitioning from a My Little Pony thermos brand box to a much more grown-up hard plastic lilac number at the beginning of 3rd grade. And of course the transition in junior high to the paper sack and then eventually, in high school, not bringing my lunch at all and eating cup-a-noodle and a pepsi in the hallway with friends.

I picked up these great tin lunchboxes at an estate sale last weekend for the shop and they are totally awesome. One came with this beautiful thermos and after a little cleaning off, I think they would be great to bring a lunch in, hold craft supplies or just look pretty on a shelf.

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julia said...

vanessa! my grandfathers used to carry "buckets" just like these to work every day in the mines and on the rail road! i think one of theirs was green and it had a red thermos. of your selection my favorite is the blue one.