Tuesday, July 27, 2010

He Should Be My New Bestfriend

So I'm finally recovered from our vacation and ready to look at photos and be thankful that the boy took so many good ones!

We spent a lot of time at the ball park, which was really nice. I think every game we saw was sold out and the whole city seemed to be really excited. Everywhere we went we saw people in Twins gear.

We also got to experience what I would call 'authentic' mid-western food. Stuff like deep fried hotdogs and the jucy lucy (a hamburger with cheese on the inside of the meat). The best thing about this stuff was the diners the food was served in. Real authentic neighborhood places that weren't catering to tourists.

Other than that, we went on epic (for us) bike rides and ate at a few more upscale joints. This charcuterie plate was maybe the best ever. I read about 112 Eatery on Yelp before our trip and we just stopped in for a late nite snack and a bottle of wine (hey, we were on vacation!). We ordered this starter thinking it would be a few pieces of meat and maybe some bread, and were totally shocked when our bartender dropped this down in front of us. Yum. AND it was $12. This would be unheard of in Portland.
I'm so glad I got to see where Dan spent so much of his childhood. He has so many stories from Minneapolis and it was fun to go to his old neighborhood and have him tell them to me again.

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