Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summit of Awesome Recap

The Summit of Awesome was so much fun! On top of being really inspiring, I even got to meet some of my crafty heros.
Day One was full on informational classes on running a business. I sat in on 'getting press for your business' and 'legalities of starting your business' both of which had so much good info. The best thing I learned about press was to find a hook by finding something that would be valuable or interesting to the public. Ask yourself, why did you decide to make your item, how do you sell your items, what do you make your items out of. focus on potential solutions your product provide.

Day Two I took some more business focused classes and some fun ones too. I got to hear Heidi from My Paper Crane speak about her business and the make plush fortune cookies with her later in the day. It was so special to be able to craft with one of my crafty heroes. I also learned about pitching to magazines and blogs. The most helpful thing that Jena from Modish suggested was making a list of the top 20 blogs you'd like to be featured on and start from the top down, approaching them about coverage. Blogs like new and fresh content that maybe hasn't been covered before so start with your first choice and move on from there.

Day Three was great too, I met another one of my crafty heroes Emily from The Black Apple. She was super informative about her business and was really an open book about her struggles with her business. I heard about the 'best of etsy success' from a couple successful etsy sellers and Danielle who works for etsy. The best part of that was learning to stay focused, streamlined and notice what your customers are buying. I also got to hear Mark Montano speak about his success. What a total inspiration! He listed the things that he does every day to keep himself motivated to keep making and creating. To end my recap of this really awesome event, I want to list those things to remind myself to stay motivated and try to incorporate at least half of these things in my regular life.
- Be clear about your goals
- Have a torture list (people who can help you achieve your goals- bug them!)
- Perserverence (you've got to do the work)
- Work on your craft and talent everyday (learn new things)
- Make friends with your contemporaries
- Remember your take and input is unique.
- Multitask
- Keep the TV off (or at least craft while you're watching!)
- Create a dream board (a list of goals and inspirations)
- Know how much you're worth
- Create your own definition of success

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