Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Right Time is Now.

I came up with a spectacular idea a couple days ago that's been slowly forming in my brain. It's becoming clearer to me exactly what this idea would look like as more than just an idea. If I got up and worked and worked and worked and did it.
Today the boy and I decided that we would. That we would make this tiny nugget of an idea into a full blown thing.
Unfortunately, a couple more 'things' need to happen before I can be more than completely vague about this but soon enough I can share the news with everyone!
I meant it on my first post of this year, 2010 is the year to blaze your own trail. The year to not hold back. 2010 is my year to say 'the right time is this very instant and I'm going to make a dream come true. No excuses.'
Oh friends, I'm so excited.
Stay tuned.

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