Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Monday

I had a fantastic weekend. I want to share all the fun photos but there's no time today. Instead you'll have to deal with these too-too cute photo booth photos that we took on Saturday. The photo booths were from the 1950's and took the best photos. We did the black and white ones first and then came back to do the color, which turned out to be my favorite. There are several photo booths in Portland, The Ace Hotel, Beulahland, VooDoo Donuts, just to name a few. I think the boy and I need to make a tour of them all.
The most awesome and sweetest part of our wedding was during our vows, which we wrote ourselves. Dan took out a photo booth photo of us from the first week or two that we started dating. It was such a surprise and he said so many sweet things about when we were just starting to date. Now, every time I see a photo booth photo it makes me think of our wedding day.

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