Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fair Part One.

We loved the ferris wheel.

In fact it was the only ride we went on. Best 5 tickets I've ever spent. We went around and around and then my favorite part: stop and go, stop and go as everyone disembarked. We sat at the top of the ferris wheel looking at downtown on one side of us and river and then our neighborhood on the other side. We tried to find our house but couldn't. We took photos of ourselves, stealthily moving from one side of the compartment to the other.

The boy took a bunch of photos with his Diana Mini which I can't wait to get developed. This ride was called the 'bear affair'. which is amazing.
I have to admit that I long to be back at the fair on a beautiful 75 degree day like Saturday, especially with the rain we're having today. Oh, Portland.
I talked to my dad yesterday, who's lived in Seattle for pretty much his whole life, and I mentioned the weather. He said 'It's just one of those Junes'. Gotta love the native pacific northwesterner.

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