Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Favorite Things...

Today, I'm very excited about a couple new things.

First, the FX Camera app for the android (which is my phone- and I prefer it million times over an iphone even though I usually love apple products...) Anyway, it was FREE and it has 5 different settings, my favorite of which is toy camera which these photos were taken with. I also love the polaroid and fish eye settings. I'm totally obsessed, download this thing if you have this phone!

Second is the Cover Girl outlast lip stain. I'm wearing the wild berry wink color in this photo and I want to buy 10 of them and give them to all my best girlfriends. It's a perfect color and it goes on nicely. I had another pricier version of this I bought at Sephora forever ago (I can't remember which brand it was) but this one is far superior as far as color, applicator and actually staying on.
Alright, that's it. I'm spent. Not too many crafty things this week because I'm getting ready to head to Sasquatch this weekend. I did make something that I finally sent off to my step-brother today and I will be sharing that soon.