Thursday, May 6, 2010

Crafty Wonderland Spring Sale

Here are a couple of photos from my sale last weekend. It was pretty much the same set up as the Christmas sale but I had some new stuff this time. My booth was next to a couple of friends booths which was really nice because parts of the sale were really slow for me. All in all I had a good time but I, personally, didn't think the two day sale worked that well. More people came on Sunday (the day they typically have Craft Wonderland) and there weren't a lot of people buying. I think with the one day sale the shoppers have a sense of urgency to buy what they want right then, and with two days, there was just too many options and time to consider each and every thing.

I'm also including this pizza that I made with my friend Julia last weekend. We used the pre-made crust from Trader Joes and pre-heated this pizza stone that I apparently have never used correctly. It turned out perfectly! Better than delivery, for real.


Jessica said...

wow that pizza looks SO good! better than digiorno's and totinos!


I have never heard of uppercase magazine, it looks right up our alley though!

Antelope Baby Industries said...

Oh my goodness Jessica, I will show it to you this weekend. You will LOVE Uppercase.