Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rainy Afternoon

Today was one of those typical pacific northwest days, where the sun never comes out and the rain never lets up! I've had this mushroom barley soup recipe from Real Simple printed out for a while (maybe a year?!) and decided that if any day called for warm, delicious soup, it was today.

I sliced over a pound of button mushrooms which was time consuming, but other than that it was an easy recipe that I highly recommend. It says it feeds four, but we have a ton left over! yum.
Rainy days also make me want to shop online for some reason. I bought a much needed pair of black Tom's shoes. Black flats are such a basic for me and I wear through them so quickly. I have needed a replacement pair for over a year!
I've also been eyeing the fujifilm instax mini camera. I love instant photos!


Jessica said...
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Jessica said...

vanessa, i just bought an instax last weekend. i'm so excited about it. if you get one we should go on a phunt (photo hunt) and shoot some rad pictures.

Antelope Baby Industries said...

I can't believe you just got one! We must have been sending psychic messages to each other. :)