Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March is in Like a Lion

We headed to Seattle last weekend on the train. We got to see some family and I had a work meeting for part of Saturday. On our way to the train station on Sunday we stopped by Uwajimaya and experienced the awesomeness of Beard Papa's. Look at that cute logo! We ate their huge cream puffs on our journey back to Portland.

Also, something I've been a bit shy about sharing here is my new tattoo. I got the words "love & squalor" on my inner arm, just below my elbow. I love it so much! It's from one of my favorite stories (and authors) J.D. Salinger's "For Esme with Love and Squalor". I love the placement and the ampersand is my favorite part.

And finally, the boy was part of a tribute album "The Dark Side of Hall and Oates" which was released today. I highly recommend you purchase a copy on Amazon now. It looks like Amazon already ran out of their initial number of CDS, but a little birdy told me more are on their way so order away and you'll receive your copy very soon!


Jessica Eiden Smedley said...

Your tattoo is beautiful!

Vanessa said...

Thanks! I love it!