Monday, March 29, 2010

Cleaning up.

I love these keys. I found them in my husband's grandpa's basement after he passed away. I wonder what he was doing in Wheeling Illinois. What the Clayton House Motel looks like. Why he had two keys to different rooms at the same hotel. Plus this bright blue is one my new favorite colors!
I've been feeling like some Spring cleaning is in order. In between Crafty Wonderland in May and various fun projects, a lot of random arts and crafts stuff has accumulated in our little second bedroom. It just feels wrong to dump it off at Goodwill so I was thinking maybe I'll put together craft packs and give them to crafty friends. Wouldn't you love to receive a bag of cute fabrics, ribbons, and other goodies?


Jaydubs said...

Oooh, I would love that!

Jaydubs said...

Ooops, and I hit 'publish' too quickly--I love love love those key rings. So intriguing!

Vanessa said...

Sweet, when I get my act together I'll make sure to get your address!

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