Friday, February 26, 2010

DIY- Sports Logo Embroidered Wallet

My husband loves the Minnesota Twins more than most things in life, this coupled with his need for a new wallet and his upcoming birthday lead me to make my first "sports-themed craft" ever. After 20 years of crafting, I finally caved and the results were awesome!

-wallet (I got mine here)
-team appropriate color embroidery thread
-embroidery needle

-First, I looked up the Twin's "Twin-City" logo on the internet and using that as my guide, drew the logo free hand on the cover of the wallet using a pencil. Most sports logos aren't that complex and even with my limited drawing skills, it was easy for me to do this part. You could also use an embroidery pattern.
-Next, using 3 strands of thread, I did a simple straight embroidery stitch along the pencil lines. This was difficult because the knots were all inside the cash pouch and I had to have a hand in the pocket at all times to make sure my stitches didn't go all the way through the wallet.
-Finally, I wiped any remaining pencil marks away. This was very easy, maybe because the wallet was dark colored. Water should work if you can't get the lines to go away.
And I was done!

I wrapped up the wallet and the boy was completely surprised when he opened it on his birthday. He's so difficult to shop for so I was really glad that he liked this gift so much.

I think this would be a terrific gift for any sports fan. Of course, you could stitch anything you want on a wallet if you don't like sports. A band's logo would be awesome too!

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Linn said...

I just went to portland for a little trip for a couple of weeks ago from San Francisco where I live. It is an adorable city you live in!