Friday, February 26, 2010

DIY- Sports Logo Embroidered Wallet

My husband loves the Minnesota Twins more than most things in life, this coupled with his need for a new wallet and his upcoming birthday lead me to make my first "sports-themed craft" ever. After 20 years of crafting, I finally caved and the results were awesome!

-wallet (I got mine here)
-team appropriate color embroidery thread
-embroidery needle

-First, I looked up the Twin's "Twin-City" logo on the internet and using that as my guide, drew the logo free hand on the cover of the wallet using a pencil. Most sports logos aren't that complex and even with my limited drawing skills, it was easy for me to do this part. You could also use an embroidery pattern.
-Next, using 3 strands of thread, I did a simple straight embroidery stitch along the pencil lines. This was difficult because the knots were all inside the cash pouch and I had to have a hand in the pocket at all times to make sure my stitches didn't go all the way through the wallet.
-Finally, I wiped any remaining pencil marks away. This was very easy, maybe because the wallet was dark colored. Water should work if you can't get the lines to go away.
And I was done!

I wrapped up the wallet and the boy was completely surprised when he opened it on his birthday. He's so difficult to shop for so I was really glad that he liked this gift so much.

I think this would be a terrific gift for any sports fan. Of course, you could stitch anything you want on a wallet if you don't like sports. A band's logo would be awesome too!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

We're Off!

I'm off to eat too many tacos and drink too many margaritas. See you next week...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Dish Cloths

I'm working on some new dish cloth applique designs. I love this popsicle one and it looks great in gingham.

Beautiful valentine's flowers from the boy. (Flowers from Anna Mara)
We had a lovely and relaxing weekend but this week is set to be a busy one. I start a new round of design classes today and there's laundry and packing to be done before we leave for Mexico on Friday. We've had such a mild February weather wise (it's still chilly but the rain has backed off a bit), but I'm still really looking forward to hot temperatures and beach time.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Be Mine

I finally got around to doing some fun stuff for Valentine's Day. I think we're sort of laying low this weekend, getting ready for our trip to Mexico (we leave on Friday!) but I still got the boy a couple of things. I made these cute cards with hand stitching on the heart and on the envelope and sent them off to family.

I also wrapped a gift using tissue paper, red japanese masking tape and pink braided yarn which I think turned out really cute. I love all the pink and red everywhere and heart shaped pizza. I've also seen all sorts of cute and inspirational valentine's stuff on the internets. Like this sachet from Crafty Pod. These handmade valentines on my paper crane. And this Valentine Lightbulb on design sponge.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Yesterday we saw Wilco perform at the Arlene Schnitzer concert hall. Now that I've been inside the building, I regret never seeing a show there in the three years we've lived in Portland. The inside is beautiful and ornate, smaller than the Paramount and better seating than the Moore theaters in Seattle.

We had the amazing happy hour at Clyde Common beforehand and then headed to the show. It was a perfect evening out.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How To Make Your Own Knit Chain Necklace

I saw this photo the other day and knew immediately that I had to make one of these. It's a fairly simple project for even the most basic knitter so I thought I'd share how I made this lovely necklace for myself. Of course, this pattern could easily be extended to make a scarf or even modified to make a bracelet.

I started with some brightly colored ends of yarn skeins I had in a box. I loved how the pinks and oranges looked with the grey and blue. If you don't have left over yarn, you could make this entire necklace with less than one full skein, your necklace will just be one color. Any worsted weight yarn will work for this.

Supplies needed:
Size 5 or 6 needles
Worsted weight yarn (about a skein worth)
Darning Needle

Start by Casting On 6 stitches with size 5 or 6 needles. *(Knit row 1. Purl row 2.) Repeat from * until your piece measures 7.5 inches. It will start curling in on itself and you can help it along with your fingers. Cast off. Stitch the short ends of your piece together using the darning needle. You should have a chain piece that looks likes an oval.

Stitch your second piece the same as the first only once you cast off, wrap the piece around your first chain oval and then stitch the short ends together. For the length shown make eight chain ovals, stitching them together as you go. On the eighth piece, make sure to wrap the piece around both end chain ovals and then stitch the short ends together.

The chain necklace should easily fit over your head. I think it looks best paired with a plain top since it's so bright and cheerful.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Fabric Braided Headband.

I was inspired when I saw this instructional on a blog today. The one I made using the easy to follow instructions, is a spring-y orange, pink, blue and yellow. There are so many different types of fabric and changes you could make to this basic headband. I just made the simple cotton fabric scrap one but I saw these at the mall a few weeks ago and picked up a gold "leather" one and now I'm kicking myself because it seems like by using different types of fabric I could have made the same exact thing.